Different goals, different solutions.


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360° Branding

We guide companies on how their business is represented visually. The modern companies operate in a complex market where costumers, communication and understanding are alpha and omega. We help build YOUR brand, with as much care, as you have spent building your company. Your brand shows the world, that you are trustworthy – that your company is not just here today and gone tomorrow. We take the company’s ethics, spirit ownership, image, and style into consideration, as we follow our customers’ development – from concept to targeted implementation.

Modern Marketing

Once your brand is in place, it’s time to tell the world that your company is everything they are looking for. We do this through modern marketing on channels and to target groups relevant to you and your company. We offer a further development of your online and offline appearance – which includes reviewing existing platforms and implementing new design. This roughly means an upgrade of your company’s website and social channels – including targeted strategies and content creation. Through marketing analysis we provide tailormade strategies that fit your business’ needs – whit growth, new markets, products and customer loyalty in mind.

Text and Design

Our experienced team of copywriters, graphis designers and designers, have the right skills for any task. For example: Visual Identity – Logo (Name feature and Brand), Omega document with color, style and secondary elements (e.g. pattern, background etc.) Determing photo style if applicable. Implementation of visual identity on websites, sign, facades, brochures etc. Project management and coordination with our internal and external suppliers (printers, photographers, videographers, web developers, copywriters etc.)

Company Strategy

Do you want your company to withstand markets through ups and downs? If so, the company has to be built on a solid foundation. That means, that the core of your business is something the world needs more of, or just where you stand. You have your company’s core in control. But how do you tell the world how amazing your business is? You don’t have to – we do that for you! Your Brand is our passion - Different goals, different solutions.